Our Helical Geared Motors are known for its robust build and quality. The gears are made of Case Hardened Steel and Bearings are of reputed make directly procured from the manufacturers themselves. The casings are of High Grade Cast Iron.

The advantage of our Inline Helical Gearboxes is that the input side of the gearboxes are “ADAPTOR” type i.e. the Input side is suitable for standard IEC Frame Sizes of Electric Motors giving the customer the power to choose the brand of electric motor of their choice. This also gives the flexibility to choose different types of motor variations such as brake motors, clutch-brake combinations, special extensions of Non – Driving Ends.

The geared motors are supplied with the following variations –
1) Adaptor Type only Gearbox
2) Foot Mounting – Flange Monting
3) Brake Geared Motors
4) Special Mountings to suit the existing drives in the equipment.
5) The geared motors are supplied with extremely reliable brands of electric motors such as CGL, KEC, Siemens etc.

The applications are across the industries and duty cycles with virtually no application or industry for which our gearboxes have not been used. Our specialities are in the following fields of application –
1) EOT Cranes for LT / CT application
2) Car Parking Systems
3) Conveyors
4) Winches
5) Pharmaceutical Machinery
6) Pollution Control Equipment
7) Food Processing Equipment such as Driers, Mixers etc

Crane Duty Gearbox

We manufacture the entire range of Crane Duty Gearboxes, right from 200mm CD to 1200mm CD , 2 Stage and 3 Stage Gearboxes, Horizontal as well Vertical.

We specialise in manufacturing Crane Duty Gearboxes as per Customer’s Drgs , and we also offer our own range of gearboxes. The gearboxes are manufactured as per IS3177.

The Housings are Fabricated from IS 2062 Grade steel , welded using superior processes such as CO2 Welding and duly stress relieved. The Gears and Pinions are from fully tested EN series Steels, duly heat treated and machined and gear-cut precisely. Many models are now provided with Profile Ground Gears to reduce the noise level and give an opportunity to reduce the overall size of the gearbox resulting in lower cost.

All the bearings used are selected with ample of safety factor. With a complete infrastructure for the manufacturing gearboxes and a very strong team involved in the manufacturing process, we ensure that the customer gets a trouble free gearbox which will outlive the life of the equipment they supply to the end user.

Variations for Crane Duty Gearboxes –
1) Horizontal Type
2) Vertical Type
3) Single / Double ended I/P & O/P Shafts
4) Spline Output
5) Geared Output
6) Extra Long Shafts
7) Pedestal Bearing Support
8) Fitment with Couplings and Brake Drums

Power Screwjack

Our Mechanical / Power Screw jacks are very robust and versatile in their applications and design. The housings are made of Ductile Iron Castings giving high load bearing capacity as well as resistance to shock loads.

The Screws are made of High Grade Steel and having Trapezoidal Threads to give high load bearing capacity as well as locking properties. The current manufacturing capability is from 0.5 tons to 100 tons lifting capacity. With different arrangements of Nuts and Screws a very high degree of customisation is possible making the variety of applications virtually limitless.

Some of the applications are –
1) Lifting Platforms
2) Tensioning Applications
3) Plate / Coil Straightening
4) Load Testing Systems
5) Assembly Lines
6) Automation
7) Lifting Dam Gates
8) Lifting of Furnace Gates / Doors

Worm Gearbox

Our W Series Worm Gearboxes are extremely versatile to use. The Universal Mounting concept of the gearbox makes it highly adaptable as far as the various mounting positions are concerned. Coupled with a wide variety of input and output options , this gearbox series gives the designers virtually limitless options for usage.

The casings made of Pressure Die Casted Aluminium Alloy , they are extremely aesthetic, enhancing the overall look of the entire equipment.

The Worm and Wheel sets are manufactured in-house giving full control over the quality of the gearbox.

The variations available in the gearbox are
1) Input Flange to suit IEC Frame Sizes for Motors
2) Solid Input Shafts – single side and double side
3) Output Flange
4) Output Shaft – Hollow / Solid

Extrude Gearbox

Our Extruder Gearboxes are manufactured with very high precision . Utmost care is taken about the selection of Raw Materials to ensure extremely long life of the gears considering the continuous 24hr duty application of these gearboxes. Oversize thrust bearings especially on the output shaft take care of the sudden loads and thrusts that arise out of the working of this application.

High volume of the casing ensures good quantity of oil for adequate cooling of the gearbox. The gears are manufactured precisely and superfinished using grinding machines to ensure high efficiency and noiseless operation of the gearbox.

Following variations are available for these gearboxes
1) Output shaft with spline or Keyway to suit the screw diameter.
2) Input shaft length as per requirement.
3) Cooling Coil arrangement for circulation of water for coolng of the gearbox.



We specialise in manufacturing gears, sprockets and Timing Puleys as per customer’s drawings and specifications.

A typical packaging machine such as blister packing, cartoning machine, or blow moulding machine or any machine for any industry has a lot of drive parts such as sprockets and timing pulleys to take the drive from one part of the machine to the other.

We approach this as a service to the customer where we understand from the customer the function and fitment requirement of every component in the overall design of the machine . We then deliver a solution wherein all the required components – gears, sprockets and timing pulleys, are delivered as 1 set for 1 machine to the customer. This gives the advantage to the customer that they don’t have to plan and chase multiple components and reduces their effort drastically.

The sprockets, gears and timing pulleys are manufactured as per relevant IS, ISO and DIN standards to ensure proper interchangability as well as proper matching with the bought out parts.

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