Crane Duty Helical Gearbox


Sudarshan Gears is widely known for their quality gearboxes elaborately crafted for crane duty applications. When it comes to adaptability, our crane duty gearboxes are ideal and very beneficial for crane businesses. They have been specifically created for the drives of lifting gears, elevators, cranes, and carrying equipment. Higher torque ratings are produced by the crane duty gearboxes that we offer. We are regarded as a pioneer among manufacturers of crane duty helical gearboxes in India because of our excellent quality and first-rate service.


  • No of Stages: Single stage, Two stage, Three stage & Four stages
  • Orientation: Horizontal & Vertical.
  • Sizes: ( Input to Output center) 250 to 1200 MM available
  • Gears: High Graded Alloy Steel, Case Harden and Profile Ground
  • Bearing : Roller Bearings.
  • Available version: Solid Standard shaft,Geared output shaft & Hollow output is also available.
  • Case: Fabricated
  • Ratio: Available up to 660:1

Note: Customized Gearbox are also available.

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Main Hoist, Aux. Hoist, Long Travel, Cross Travel


Construction Industry, Mining Industry, Port Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Power Industry, Steel Plants


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