Hoist Gearbox – H Series


Our most recent addition is the very new H Series Gearbox. Reliable for lifting and hoisting applications, we offer a wide range of options and solutions with our H Series gearboxes. Composed of three steps of gears, the H Series is available to our customers in six different sizes. Its compact space saving design and quiet operation makes it highly efficient and customers’ first choice. We assure you with our product that it serves for a long time lasting with minimum maintenance and a wide range of ratios with high service factors.


  • No of Stages: Three stage
  • Orientation: Horizontal & Vertical
  • Sizes: H27, H30, H35, H42, H50,H62
  • Gears: High Graded Alloy Steel, Case Harden and Profile Ground
  • Bearing : Roller Bearings
  • Available version: Solid Standard shaft,Geared output shaft & Hollow output is also available
  • Case: Graded cast Iron
  • Ratio: Available up to 130:1

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Main Hoist, Long Travel, Cross Travel, Aux. Hoist


Construction Industry, Mining Industry, Port Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Power Industry, Steel Plants


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